• <b><u>Imagsa Technologies</u></b>: Develops and manufactures innovative smart cameras that solve the challenges of artificial vision in outdoor applications
  • <b><u>Atalaya ANPR</u></b>: “First 250 fps and 2 Lanes ANPR camera in the market”
  • <b><u>Atalaya3D’Speed</u></b>: “Stereoscopic camera for precise Spot Speed Enforcement”
  • <b><u>Mercury’Traffic</u></b>: “Innovative 250 fps License plate sensor”
  • <b><u>Multi Exposure Technique at 250 fps</u></b>: Overcome illumination challenges on the license plates
  • <b><u>Parallel Computing Vision</u></b>: Advanced Image Processing Algorithms running on FPGA devices
  • <b><u>License Plate Detection Technique</u></b>: Auto-trigger at 250 fps, ANPR on 2 Lanes
  • <b><u>VIDAR Speed Enforcement</u></b>: Speed of vehicles measured through stereoscopic vision
  • <b><u>Average Speed Enforcement</u></b>: Consists in measuring the speed of vehicles between two distant points
  • <b><u>Spot Speed Enforcement </u></b>: Not Radar, Laser or Loops, but innovative 3D video-based speed enforcement
  • <b><u>Electronic Tolling</u></b>: A high-speed ANPR on 2 Lanes, ensuring high-performance and cutting down costs by 2
  • <b><u>Dangerous Goods Control</u></b>: deployed in sensible roads (tunnels, ports, cities)

Traffic Applications




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