ChronosSpot Speed Enforcement Solution TERECAPTSO

Since now, spot speed enforcement equipments used lidar, radar or loops technology to measure the vehicles’ speed. Imagsa Technologies introduces the innovative VIDAR (VIdeo Detection and Ranging) technique to measure the vehicles’ instantaneous speed by means of video analysis.

The Chronos Spot equipment combines two ultra-fast speed (250 fps) cameras to perform a tridimensional (stereoscopic) reconstruction of the vehicles’ movement and accurately measure their instant speed.

  • Non-intrusive and Non-detectable equipment.

  • Measure All Vehicles over Several Lanes

  • Speed Measurement and ANPR in a single device.

  • 2 Lanes simultaneously.

  • Detect vehicles up to 250 KmH.

  • Speed Measurement Error: just 1% (complies with metrology certifications).

  • Track vehicles at different speed limits.

  • Acquisition and Processing in one unit.

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