ANPR redlight control and enforcement

CHRONOS’Red is a non intrusive solution -fully based on image analysis- to automatically perform red light running control on 2 Lanes. Additionally, CHRONOS’Red can be upgraded to become a traffic data collector (ANPR, counting, speed, statistics) on green cycles of the traffic light.

CHRONOS’Red detects vehicles crossing the traffic light point by means of a precise image-based virtual loop. No additional or invasive trigger (road surface loops, radar or laser) is required. The virtual detection loop is very precise, and it can be lined up with the traffic light.

CHRONOS’Red can be used as a traffic data station. During green-cycles of the traffic light, CHRONOS’Red can continuously detect and count vehicles, perform license plate recognition or speed measurement.

Chronos RED light control

  • Traffic data collection during green cycles.

  • Easy offence file management (before, during, after)

  • Detection of traffic light cycles. No conection required

  • Virtual loop trigger

  • Detect vehicles up to 250 KmH.

  • Overlane or roadside installation.

  • Control 2 lanes simultaneously

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