Vehicle classification ANPR

Imagsa Technologies is proud to offer video based classification with excellent precision. We are developing solutions in this area to cater to the demands. Along with different modules for 2,3,4 classes, these work within the CPU of our camera and can be complementary to ANPR or other aplications.

We are also pioneering with our 3D technology to develop accurate techniques due to the stereoscopic cameras to create accurate height and axle measurement for tolling purposes in the near future.

Please follow this link to see our 2D classication of 3 classes.

Imagsa’s Atalaya ANPR camera fits to this requirement, as it integrates a high-speed processor capable of analysing hundreds of images and recognize number plates in real-time.


  • 24x7 ANPR operation.

  • Modular solution in parallel to other applications.

  • Configurable to multiple classes.

  • Real-time results

  • Additional traffic statistics: count, speed, travel time, ...

Video demos: Classification

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