ADR dangerous goods control ANPR

Imagsa Technologies has been a pioneer on the development of dangerous goods transportation control in roads and tunnels. In this traffic security application, the detection accuracy should be guaranteed as it is mandatory to have an exact count of the dangerous goods trucks inside a tunnel. Then, tunnel and road operators can provide a more efficient response in case of an incident.

As important is to detect the ADR type of plate as it is to detect other plates of the truck. Therefore, it is necessary to independently detect the ADR plate and the vehicle's plate, both at their best illumination condition. Imagsa’s innovative multi-exposition technique has also proved to be very effective for this application, achieving top recognition rates at day, night or under challenging meteorological conditions.

And equally important, a tunnel operator or port entrance guard requires a real-time notification when the truck enters the tunnel or control zone. Imagsa’s Atalaya ANPR camera fits to this requirement, as it integrates a high-speed processor capable of analysing hundreds of images and recognize number plates in real-time.


  • 24x7 ANPR operation.

  • Detect standard and non-standard ADR plates.

  • Multi-exposition technique, independent for every plate in a truck.

  • Real-time ANPR results: timely notifications to tunnel operator.

  • Additional traffic statistics: count, speed, travel time, ...

Video Demos: Dangerous Goods

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