Parallel computing is a form of computation in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously, operating on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently ("in parallel").

Imagsa Technologies develops smart-cameras that combine ultra-fast image sensors with parallel computing processors based on FPGA devices.

The main interests of FPGA-based parallel computing in front of traditional sequential processors (CPU) relies on the high-performance processing capabilities, lower power consumption, smaller size and reduced cost. FPGA-based processors can be customized and programmed to perform specific and complex artificial vision algorithms.

Imagsa Technologies develops custom image processing algorithms running on FPGAs, to analyse hundred of images per second and detect in real-time license plates or any other predefined shape. A similar analysis using sequential computers would require a multi-core processing platform, with bigger size, greater power consumption and greater cost.


  • FPGAs have high-performance processing capabilities.

  • Analyse in real-time 270 images per second.

  • Detect license plates of vehicles or other type of shapes.

  • FPGAs have Cost Advantage, Less Power consumption and Smaller Size compared to traditional CPUs.

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