Imagsa Speed Enforcement Solution

The Video Detection and Ranging (VIDAR) technique, developed by Imagsa Technologies, measures the speed of vehicles through stereoscopic vision.

By means of two high-speed cameras and the super computing capabilities of FPGA processors, it is possible to measure the speed of every vehicle with an error under 1%, up to 250 KmH. The VIDAR technique captures and tracks the license plate of every vehicle to measure their instantaneous speed. Therefore, the speed measurement is intrinsically linked to the license plate (vehicles) movement, and there is no confusion of the over speed target when there are several vehicles on the field of view.

The four basic steps to measure speed with stereoscopic vision are:

1. Capture over 250 images per second.

2. Analyze all the images in real time.

3. Detect 3D position of the license plate.

4. Measure the speed of the license plate.



  • Non intrusive:

Just two cameras on the roadside or overlane to measure the speed.

  • Passive:

Unlike Radar or Laser, VIDAR uses video analysis to measure the speed of vehicles. So it does not emit any radiation.

  • Non detectable:

As it does not emit any radiation, VIDAR is a non detectable speed measurement technique.

  • LPR accuracy:

License plate recognition accuracy is granted, as VIDAR uses an adaptive multi-exposition technique.

  • Multi-Vehicle Speed:

VIDAR measures the speed of every plate in the scene. Therefore, it can measure multiple vehicles simultaneously, with no target confusion.

  • Error 1%:

Speed measurement with high precision, just 1% deviation up to 250 KmH.

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