For its 10th anniversary Imagsa is proud to launch the new generation of product Atalaya Ultra. Launched at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, these products are ready to handle many popular ITS tasks around the globe. With unparalled technology and proven flexibility this is the only Smart choice in Smart cameras.


Atalaya 2D and Atalaya Ultra 3D cover an array of applications under the Chronos modular software we offer, these include:Access control, Redlight control, Section speed, Instant Speed, classification, tracking, wrong way and many more.


Atalaya Ultra 3D implements the Video Detection And Ranging (VIDAR) technique to measure the vehicles’ speed. The VIDAR technique captures and tracks the license plate of every vehicle to measure their instantaneous speed. Therefore, the speed measurement is intrinsically linked to the license plate (vehicles) movement, and there is no confusion of the over speed target when there are several vehicles on the field of view.

Instead of radar, laser or inductive loops speed measurement equipments, the VIDAR technique is a non-intrusive and non-detectable method to measure the vehicles’ speed. Furthermore, Atalaya is a multi-purpose equipment that can be deployed for additional traffic applications.


  • Speed Measurement and ANPR on 2 lanes simultaneously.

  • Detect vehicles up to 300 KmH.

  • Speed Measurement Error: 1% (complies with metrology certifications).

  • Measure All Vehicles over Several Lanes.

  • Track vehicles at different speed limits.

  • Acquisition and Processing in one unit.

  • Chronos SPOT is a Non-intrusive and Non-detectable equipment

  • Roadside or Overlane installation.

  • Auto calibration Set-up: easy installation.

  • Multipurpose equipment: Speed, ANPR, Red Light, ...

  • Atalaya Ultra Datasheet

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