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Imagsa has developed a solution capable of measuring the average speed of any type of vehicle travelling up to 250 KmH (155mph) over a given distance, ranging from 150m to several dozen kilometers. Average Speed precision has an error below 2%.

Following, the key functions for average speed measurement are described:

  • Spatial detection: non-intrusive vehicle detection based on image analysis. Atalaya ANPR camera always detects the vehicle in a precise zone of the road (virtual loop), thus achieving a minimum spatial localisation error rate.
  • Time stamping: accurate time-stamping (micro seconds) of every vehicle is ensured by means of a GPS clock integrated in the Atalaya ANPR camera.
  • Vehicle identification: a 2 megapixel resolution camera with multi-exposure techniques ensures high license plate recognition rates, even under challenging weather conditions.
  • Data Matching: data collected at entry and exit points are compared to calculate the average speed of every vehicle. An offence file is generated for over speed vehicles, and securely transmitted to the processing center.


  • Average Speed through self-triggered Atalaya ANPR cameras.

  • Precise Time Stamp through GPS devices: 10 micro seconds.

  • Exact Time Synchronization through GPS devices.

  • Virtual loop trigger: precise vehicle detection and distance measurement.

  • Detect vehicles up to 250 KmH.

  • Overlane or roadside installation.

  • Control 2 lanes Simultaneously

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