Anpr Atalaya Dual Camera

Atalaya Dual is an auto-triggered camera to perform automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) of every vehicle simultaneously on 2 lanes and in real-time and with color.

Atalaya Dual is our solution to high speed ANPR with color sincronization to meet the demands of the some law enforcement requirements.

As an all-in-one camera, Atalaya integrates the ultra-fast Mercury’Traffic license plate sensor, a high-power IR illuminator and a standard, open and programmable CPU. All these components are enclosed in a single IP66 housing, so no additional roadside equipment is required and the overall integration costs are reduced.

The color camera is integrated within the housing and sincronized with the ANPR camera to produce overview images at the same time the ANPR is being performed. We use a very sensitive sensor to make out colors at night with poor lighting conditions.

  • 2 Lanes ANPR simultaneously: Cut down Costs by 2

  • 250 FPS multi-exposition: Top ANPR accuracy

  • High-power IR illuminator: 24h operation

  • Speed of Vehicles: Up to 250 KmH

  • No additional equipment: Plug&Play ANPR camera

  • Overlane or roadside ANPR: Reduce installation Costs

  • Multi-streaming camera: Number plate, images and video

  • Programmable and Open CPU: Freely run your software

  • Trouble-free System Integration: SDK library included

  • Color Overview Images and Videos

Video Demos: Dual ANPR

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