The technology developed by Imagsa is based on analysing large amounts of data at high-speed through parallel computing on FPGA devices.

Parallel Computing Vision allows achieving superior results than conventional processors being used nowadays in artificial vision applications.

Based on this concept, Imagsa Technologies has developed a portfolio of high-performance smart cameras for the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sector. The aim of Imagsa is to detect every vehicle on the road, provide the best quality images (in terms of resolution and sensitivity) of vehicles’ license plates, in different challenging situations in the road (high-speed vehicles, harsh meteorological conditions, etc.).

In addition to this high-performance computing capabilities, an FPGA processor allows a real-time interaction with the image sensor, so each caption can be dynamically adapted to the varying illumination conditions in the road. Then, greater performance, better accuracy and more features can be obtained.

For instance, the Atalaya ANPR cameras are able to deliver a great variety of traffic measurements such as speed, by means of the VIDAR technique.


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Parallel Computing Vision
License Plate Detection Technique
Multi Exposition Technique
VIDAR Speed Technique

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