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Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC) systems provide an automatic means to collect tolls that does not affect the normal traffic flow when vehicles cross the charging point. ETC equipment usually comprises an Onboard unit (OBU) in the vehicle and vehicle detection, classification and enforcement equipments.

ETC is proving to be effective as a means to reduce congestion in cities and CO2 effects of transportation, as well as to finance new and existing roads.

Atalaya ANPR cameras integrate into ETC systems, providing the license plate enforcement of vehicles. It is proving to be a very valuable ANPR camera for this application, as it ensures top license plate recognition rates as well as 24x7 availability for many years.



  • ANPR on 1 or 2 lanes simultaneously: Cut down Costs by Two

  • 250 FPS multi-exposure: top ANPR accuracy

  • High-power IR illuminator: attached to ease replacement

  • Speed of Vehicles: up to 250 KmH

  • ANPR from overlane or roadside: Reduce installation Costs

  • Plate recognition results in miliseconds

  • Multi-streaming ANPR camera: number plate, images and video

  • Long equipment availability: 24x7 for many years

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