Imagsa Technologies ANPR

Imagsa Technologies develops and manufactures innovative smart cameras that solve the challenges of artificial vision in outdoor applications through parallel computing in FPGA devices.

In the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry, Imagsa Technologies brings innovation and superior performance in a great scope of traffic control and enforcement applications. Imagsa's smart cameras provide the following added value:

Added value:

  • Full traffic analysis:

Detect and recognise all and every type of vehicle, at any speed and traffic condition.

  • Anytime, Anywhere:

Best performance under any meteorological condition, 24x365 and in every country.

  • Versatility:

Become an unique platform to integrate different road traffic control applications.

  • Cost Effective:

Develop traffic control and management systems with a low cost of ownership.


Along with a portfolio of smart cameras, Imagsa offers dedicated development support to worldwide partners, to deliver the most valued products in terms of performance and cost.

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