The Guide “10 Tips For Best Free Flow ANPR Deployment” aims to provide a useful list of characteristics and features of ANPR cameras to be used in free-flow, auto-triggered and high-speed traffic control applications.

ANPR cameras are now Traffic Data Collectors

Traditionally, ANPR cameras were conceived as single purposed devices: getting license plates images and performing number plate recognition.

However, new ANPR cameras have the capabilities to deliver much more information. Additionally to number plate recognition, some ANPR cameras can also obtain overview image of the vehicles (Day and Night), deliver a video stream or even the instant speed of vehicles.

Therefore, the single-purpose ANPR camera is transformed to a traffic data collection station.


Based on the capability to capture and analyse more than 250 images per second, Atalaya ANPR camera can track the license plate at high-speed in order to determine the vehicle’s spot speed.

Atalaya ANPR camera can also count vehicles, provide traffic statistics, deliver a video stream and other useful traffic data.

With one single camera investment and installation, is now possible to deliver more traffic data on top of license plate recognition. And it is now possible to deploy additional applications and services with the same infrastructure.

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