The Guide “10 Tips For Best Free Flow ANPR Deployment” aims to provide a useful list of characteristics and features of ANPR cameras to be used in free-flow, auto-triggered and high-speed traffic control applications.


ANPR cameras are now Traffic Data Collectors

Following the concept introduced in Tip #8, an ANPR camera can be leveraged to deliver much more than a single data (license plate number of cars). Some ANPR cameras can deliver further information, such as detection of Dangerous Goods trucks (ADR plates) or instant speed of vehicles.


One ANPR camera, Multi Applications

A single ANPR device in the road can be used for multiple types of traffic control applications, such as: traffic statistics (counting), black list police control, toll collection, speed statistics and speed enforcement, travel times, dangerous goods transport control, among others.

Thus, investing in a single ANPR camera can be leveraged to develop a great variety of traffic control applications.

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