The Guide “10 Tips For Best Free Flow ANPR Deployment” aims to provide a useful list of characteristics and features of ANPR cameras to be used in free-flow, auto-triggered and high-speed traffic control applications.

Value For Money

Let’s conclude this Guide talking about Cost. It is always a key decision point. But price by itself is meaningless if not related to the performance, the value that the ANPR camera will deliver to the customer. It is about relying on ROI metrics more than on price by its own.


1st Recommendation - type of application

Determine the type of application to develop. Do you need a bottom-end license plate recognition camera (i.e. parking access control) or a high-end ANPR camera (i.e. average speed, free-flow electronic tolling, etc.)?


2nd Recommendation - "Check-ins"

Get a good understanding of the available ANPR solutions for your project. Go through this Guide’s check-ins and state the pros-cons of each option. This usually helps understanding what performance can you expect for every solution.

- A low resolution ANPR camera (Tip #1)? Do not expect a great plate recognition accuracy.

- No multi-exposure ANPR camera (Tip #3)? A lot of vehicles’ plates will not be recognized; especially at sunrise, sunset, under raining conditions and dirty plates.

- Can the ANPR solution run in overhead as well as from a roadside pole (Tip #6)? This could greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs.


3rd Recommendation - Think Big

As introduced in Tip#8 and Tip #9, a high-performance ANPR camera can deliver a great variety of traffic data. And it can be used to deploy multiple traffic applications with a single device, one investment. This is about delivering more features, greater value to the Road and Traffic Administration.


To Conclude

Price is always important, but do not lose the focus. It is about delivering excellent traffic results, more value, greater service. This is the key selling point for repetitive sales and projects.

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